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Instant  Network Monitoring Visual Suite

Visual Monitoring Suite based on Timeseries DB and Telemetries



Telemetries streams collection from Network Devices based on Timeseries DB, Grafana and various exporter


Simplify Monitoring task with Visual Approach


Correlate distributed information in all-in-one Customized Dashboard

Device Insight

Detailed insight of each network device based on Openconfig Telemetry Structure


Speed up anomalies checking and troubleshooting issue

Wide range collector

Backward compatibility collector for SNMP capable devices

Customer Driven Eye-Cathing Dashboard



ZeroTools Suite Traffic Analysis Module based on IPFIX sampled real traffic

Traffic Insight

Overall Autonomous System behavior

Automous System Analysis:Top Talkers

Top Talkers External AS analysis bandwidth and packet per second

Prefix Analysis: Top Talkers

Top Talkers inside your AS group by prefix source/destination

Prefix Analysis: Prefix inspection

Detailed informations based on prefix source/destination/external peering / ASN

Geo Distribution

Visualize Geo Distribution traffic worldwide

Protocol Inspection

Protocol L7 Visibility Integration (NBAR2)

Smooth User Experience

Sampled IPFIX traffic processed by Nfacctd (Pmacct) and optimized with custom collector for minimize timeseries DB cardinality

Enhance your Network Visibility



Peering and Route Visibility Module

BGP Summary

Bgp Group and single peer analytics

Route Policy

Downstream BGP policies at a glance

Explore our building blocks

How it works


Collect and Save

Collect Telemetries streams from Network Devices via dedicated exporter/ gnmi exporter or standard tool (Telegraf) and save them in TSDB like Prometheus or InfluxDB


Lovely Grafana Based


Alerting system integrated with Telegram, E-mail, Webhook


Container suite for effective scalability: every tool is a container for improve interoperability and maximize performance

What we provide

Analysis, Deploy and Customization

We don’t sell a product

Open Source Components no license fee

Customers will have Full code access for own development or customization

Avalaible installation:  on premises, cloud and soon as Software  As A Service

We provide and sell  analysis, deploy activities and custom developments if needed

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